First Time Skiers Guide – Part 1

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Have you ever wanted to go on a skiing holiday but never had the opportunity to go; yet thought what’s all the fuss about and are you truly missing out… well stop searching and indulge yourself into this three-part blog where you will discover my journey. Hopefully you will be encouraged and see that opportunities are always there and it’s about taking them and making the most out of it.

Let me give you some background information about me, and how my idea was brought to life. I’m Reece a third year broadcast journalism student at the University of Salford. I seen an advertisement on a social media website offering freelance journalists the chance to go out to France via ChaletFinder. I found this an offer I couldn’t resist so I pitched the idea of a first time skiers guide to the company and here we are.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank them for seeing the potential in my idea. They really supported me and provided my flights, transfers to the resort, ski passes, equipment and the most amazing accommodation run by Rude Chalets.

Shall we proceed to the beginning of this adventure?

The day had finally arrived to fly out to Geneva and transferred to Morzine, Portes Du Soleil. I don’t think there wasn’t a mode of transport that I hadn’t taken that day. It took a tram and train just to get to the airport, then a plane to reach Geneva and then I was picked up and driven to the French town. Within the time of five hours I had been in three different countries.

View of the alps from the plane window.

We set off at 6:00am to catch a flight departing at 10:50am; my flight was from Manchester airport. ChaletFinder supplied my flight through EasyJet and before you ask the pictures of me in my bright orange jacket were a coincidence and not planned out. Although they complement each other well, as you will see in the photo below.



Do I look like an EasyJet endorsement

After checking in all the luggage and camera equipment, Brad my camera operator and me thought it would be a smart idea to go and exchange our currency. A normal and straightforward process you’d think but that was far from it. Whilst we are at the currency exchange desk we deliberate what currency we should get because in our mind we were flying into Switzerland, so we exchange our money into Swiss Franks, forgetting to take into account that Morzine is based in France… and use the Euro!

Arriving at Manchester airport


That’s what happens when you don’t start your day off with a coffee.

We only realised that we exchanged the wrong currency when we were halfway from our destination and talking to another passenger on the plane about our journey. I would like to give a shout out to the lady who sat next to us in row 23 a, b and c. You were very polite in enduring us chatting away to you the whole flight and for the offer of an alcoholic beverage.

It still hadn’t sunk in that I would be learning to ski in one of the best resorts in Europe. I’m going to be honest and tell you that before going out I felt confident that I would find it easy to pick up as I had done one lesson of dry skiing about five years ago when I was 17. I’m a very sporty natured person and extremely competitive, so in my mind combining these two attributes would surely only help me.


Find out how I got on in my next blog post…



London and Manchester music scene – compared

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Music scene in London
Music scene in Brixton, London

I am a southerner and I will make no qualms in telling you this straight away, so expect there to be some bias when comparing southern and northern towns and cities!

Two of the most iconic cities in the UK are London and Manchester. Other than this, you won’t get much more in common, except for the status both cities respectively hold when talking music.

LONDON. The bravura capital is widely regarded as the place to go to start your music career and become very wealthy (according to some northerners). However, realistically it is just as hard as anywhere else in the UK but if you’re good, you have more opportunities to get yourself noticed. The vibe for music in the capital is a mix of Hip-Hop, Rap, Dubstep and Drum N Bass.

Manchester i.e. the headquarters for ‘hipsters’. This city contains every branch of the alternative music scene that you could possibly imagine. Some genres included are: Rock, Indie, Heavy Metal, Screamo and many more conceptual sounds. If you want to stand out from the general crowd then Manchester is the scene for you!

Two cities that are run by rhythm and fuelled by beats but separated by 199 miles, it really couldn’t be any more different if you tried.

File:Oasis Liam and Noel.jpg

Image via creative commons – Greg Neate

Image via creative commons – Will Fresch