London and Manchester music scene – compared

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Music scene in London
Music scene in Brixton, London

I am a southerner and I will make no qualms in telling you this straight away, so expect there to be some bias when comparing southern and northern towns and cities!

Two of the most iconic cities in the UK are London and Manchester. Other than this, you won’t get much more in common, except for the status both cities respectively hold when talking music.

LONDON. The bravura capital is widely regarded as the place to go to start your music career and become very wealthy (according to some northerners). However, realistically it is just as hard as anywhere else in the UK but if you’re good, you have more opportunities to get yourself noticed. The vibe for music in the capital is a mix of Hip-Hop, Rap, Dubstep and Drum N Bass.

Manchester i.e. the headquarters for ‘hipsters’. This city contains every branch of the alternative music scene that you could possibly imagine. Some genres included are: Rock, Indie, Heavy Metal, Screamo and many more conceptual sounds. If you want to stand out from the general crowd then Manchester is the scene for you!

Two cities that are run by rhythm and fuelled by beats but separated by 199 miles, it really couldn’t be any more different if you tried.

File:Oasis Liam and Noel.jpg

Image via creative commons – Greg Neate

Image via creative commons – Will Fresch


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